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Creston, Washington

Creston is situated right in the middle of Eastern Washington’s wheat country. Located about 60 miles from Spokane, WA, this small town sprang up in 1889 and was named for being the “highest town” as a result of its high altitude.


Major Events and Festivals


Annual Creston Community Days
Enjoy breakfast, The Butte or Bust Run at 9 am, a parade at 11 am and activities with lunch at the Park. Held the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Contact: townofcreston@hotmail.com


Creston's Town Hall Auditorium
Discover the story of Harry Tracy, a Wild West outlaw who was gunned down by a Creston posse and other historical facts and pictures! gaslight.mtroyal.ca


Lake Roosevelt
Creston is just 8 miles from Lake Roosevelt which offers ample swimming, camping and recreational opportunities.


Creston is known for its hunting opportunities, including game birds, water fowl, deer, elk, bear and more. See season regulations:   FishHunt.dfw.wa.gov