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Grand Coulee Dam Area, Washington

Visit this Great Walled Wonder Called the Grand Coulee!  The Grand Coulee Dam Area includes the towns of Grand Coulee, Coulee Dam, Electric City and Elmer City. Come for a camping trip or a picnic and swimming at one of our warm lakes.  Go fishing from boat or shore. Lake Roosevelt, the Largest Lake in the State, is actually the Columbia River backed up behind Grand Coulee Dam. It creates a Lake over 150 miles long, 630 miles of shoreline and some really great beaches. Water sport enthusiasts, campers & fishermen alike love this lake. Banks Lake is also easily accessed for campers, swimmers, skiers, boaters & picnicing and the third largest lake in the state.

Web site: www.GrandCouleeDam.org

Major Events and Festivals


"Balde" Eagle Festival

President's Day Weekend. Guided tour buses to view sites at Northrup Canyon and other day tours in the surrounding area. Eagle watching , art & poetry contests, entertainment; programs, food, a family fun weekend!   Other daily activities include a quilt show, Ugly Truck Contest, information forums and evening entertainment.


Colorama Festival, ProWest Rodeo & Over the Dam Run

Mother's Day Weekend. Arts, crafts, carnival, entertainment, art show & food booths. Saturday Cowboy Breakfast, 6:30 to 11am, Health Walk @ 8am, North Dam Park, Grand Parade, 11 am. Special Showing of the Laser Light Show on the Grand Coulee Dam.

SunBanks Blues Festival

Held mid-May. Outdoor log stage features outstanding blues bands in a gorgeous setting on the shores of Banks Lake with great music. For more information, call 888.822.7195.

May - September

Free Laser Light Show on Grand Coulee Dam - Memorial Day Weekend through the end of September. Show starts at 10 p.m. Memorial Day Weekend - July. Show starts at 9:30 p.m. in August and at 8:30 p.m. on September. Call 509.633.9265 for more information.


Jet Ski Races

Early June. Held at SunBanks Resort.

Kids' Weekend

Father's Day Weekend. Contests, games, prizes, music and entertainment.

Coulee Cruizers Rod Run

Father's Day Weekend. Call 509.633.0382 for more information.


Festival of America

Held July 4. A patriotic tribute to old-fashioned family fun.  Arts & Crafts booths, American Food Fair, daily live entertainment, fireworks off the top of the dam.


SunBanks Blues Festival

Early September. Outdoor log stage features outstanding blues bands in a gorgeous setting on the shores of Banks Lake with great music. For more information, call 888.822.7195.

Grand Columbia Triathlon

Mid-September. Ironman triathlon.  For more information, visit www.TheGrandColumbian.com.


Colville Tribal Museum

The Colville Confederated Tribal Museum tells the story of the 12 Tribes of the Reservation and explains how they lived in the coulees, along the lakes, and by the Columbia River in the Coulee Corridor region. Today's tribal members may be descendents of the only witnesses to the Ice Age Floods that created this landscape.  For more information, call 509.633.0715.

Gehrke Windmills

Emil Gehrke and his wife crafted hundreds of unique windmills from spare parts, household items and euphoric memorabilia that they displayed in their yard in Electric City, WA. When he passed away in 1979, a group of locals fought to have the windmills displayed in a public garden just outside of Electric City. Located on the north side of highway 155 as you come through Grand Coulee. Here is a descriptive video if you want to learn more: Gehrke Windmill Garden

Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam was the key to the development of power on the Columbia River—the greatest potential source of hydro-electric energy among the rivers of America. Grand Coulee Dam forms Lake Roosevelt, extending upstream 151 miles to the Canadian Border. It has a 600-mile shoreline and a surface area of 82,000 acres. In 1970 Congress designated Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, which is operated by the National Park Service. Grand Coulee provides water for approximately 600,000 acres in the Columbia Basin Project and generated 19,182,092,957 KWh of power in 2003. In addition to its irrigation and power functions, Grand Coulee Dam is a primary factor in controlling the floods on the Columbia River.  Visit www.usbr.gov/pn/GrandCoulee for more information.