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Republic, Washington

Experience the outdoors in its most natural state…where towns are small…where manmade attractions pale beside the unspoiled wildlife, majestic mountains, and crystal clear rivers and lakes. With its deep blue skies and scenic mountains, Republic provides travelers with an attractive and convenient starting point. People can explore the ghost towns of Ferry County; hunt for fossils at the Stonerose Interpretive Center; bicycle or hike in the great outdoors; fish or water-ski one of the area's many clear-water lakes and rivers; and enjoy family camping in our beautiful parks. Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, birding, fishing, hunting, or water sports, Republic Washington is the perfect destination

Web site: www.RepublicWA.com

Major Events and Festivals



Held in mid-January.  Activities begin with a torchlight parade, snow sculpting, a hay ride, a Winterfest pancake breakfast, a cross-country ski clinic, hay rides, snowmobiling at the K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch, and dog sled rides in Republic. Most activities are free. 509.775.2704, www.FerryCounty.com/Winterfest



Annual Stonerose Art and Antique Auction

509.775.2295, www.FerryCounty.com/Stonerose


Prospector Days

Held in early June.


Republic Family Rodeo

Held in mid-July at the Ferry County Fair Grounds. 509.775.2876


Ferry County Fair

Held in early September at the Ferry County Fair Grounds. Explore local art, crafts, photography, canning, dog shows, livestock exhibitions, and horse shows. In between the contests, shows, and exhibits, enjoy the hot dog, hamburger, and taco stands. Expect a great line up of local musicians. Photograph and ride Ferry County's recently restored, century-old merry-go-round. www.FerryCountyFair.com

Republic Historical Center
It's hard to say which is more enjoyable: walking through the Kaufman Cabin (the oldest surviving structure in Republic), perusing the extensive collection of Republic's historical photographs in the nearby historical center, or listening to firsthand accounts of times past from the volunteers who operate the small museum. Be sure to enjoy them all.

Stonerose Interpretive Center

Fifty million years ago, during the Eocene Epoch, the area now occupied by Republic, Washington lay beneath the waters of an ancient lake. As the lake bed filled with volcanic ash and sediment, leaves, flowers, fish, and insects were trapped in the layers of resulting mud. Today the lake is gone, along with the unusual mix of topography and climate that produced plants and animals that haven't been found together in any other location. Located in an unassuming roadcut along Knob Hill Road, the Boot Hill Fossil Site* provides paleontologists and amateur fossil hunters alike the unprecedented opportunity of discovering world class examples of Eocene plant life such as leaves belonging to the rose family, birch family, maple family and redwood family. After purchasing an admission sticker from the Stonerose Interpretive Center, the museum's curator will briefly explain the fossil site's rules to you and how to best split open the slabs of outcrop. All finds must be shown to the curator. Each person with an admission sticker may take home three fossils a day, however the museum reserves the right to retain fossils of scientific interest. As with fishing and gambling, it's possible you could go home empty handed, but it's more likely you'll find a number of beautiful, delicate fossil specimens that you'll be proud to display in your home. 509.775.2295, www.StoneroseFossil.org