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Tekoa, Washington

The City of Tekoa welcomes you to its World Wide Web site. Nestled between the rolling hills and grain farms of the Palouse and the almost endless forested mountains of North Idaho. Tekoa is a great City to visit, and a wonderful place to live and in which to do business. When you come to Tekoa, you'll find a town of friendly people filled with community spirit. Tekoa, Washington has a rich heritage and history, having played a key role in the development and support of neighboring communities and farms for over 100 years. Tucked away in an incredibly scenic portion of Whitman county, Tekoa is situated at the base of Tekoa Mountain (elevation 2,490 feet), on the extreme eastern end of the rolling hills known as the Palouse, and to the west of the mighty Benewah Range of Idaho. With a population around 800, Tekoa retains it's small town size and charm. Surrounded by mountains and farms of cattle, wheat, bluegrass and lentils, it was once the busy hub of the area's railroads. Having an annual precipitation of about 20 inches and an average snowfall of 30 inches, it enjoys a definite four seasons climate. Just 39 miles south of the Spokane Valley, 48 miles north of Pullman, and about 55 miles from the Spokane International Airport, it's only a short drive away from major metropolitan areas.

Web site: www.TekoaWa.com

Major Events and Festivals


Tekoa’s Slippery Gulch Days Celebration

Held in mid-June. Start the day with a parade and end it with a spectacular fireworks display during . In-between be thrilled during the annual rodeo, visit the local Farmers Market or take in a performance at the recently renovated Empire Theatre.

June - September

Tekoa Farmers Market & Tekoa Treasures Flea Market

Held Saturday and Sunday afternoons June through September. The Tekoa Farmers Market features homemade goods from across the region on Saturdays. Sunday ushers in bargains galore during the afternoons at the Tekoa Treasures Flea Market.



In Autumn, watch the farmers bringing in the harvest.

The Iron Horse Arena

Enjoy rodeo-style events.

Scenic Drives

Numerous leisurely scenic drives on uncrowded roads. Take a day trip and stop in Tekoa for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or better yet, stay the night.

Steptoe Butte State Park

Only 20 minutes away, with an incredible view of the breathtaking Palouse.

Tekoa Empire Theatre

The Tekoa Museum

With artifacts, memorabilia and photos dating back to the 1800's.


Fishing, Boating, Swimming

At Lake Coeur d' Alene, only 30 minutes away.

Hang Gliding & Parasailing

Popular activities on top of Tekoa Mountain.

Hiking & Biking

Along the old railroad track beds.


Throughout the surrounding area.

Public Swimming Pool

Running, Biking, Roller Blading

End of the John Wayne Trail, stretching from Tekoa to the coast.

Sky Diving

From the conveniently located airport to the east of town.

Wildlife Watching

In the hills to the east. See numerous Marsh Hawks, Whitetail Deer, Canada Geese, Wild Ducks, and Pheasants. If you're lucky and you look carefully, you may even spot an occasional Moose or Cougar.