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Orofino, Idaho, is the land of all seasons, and has something for everyone the year round. This beautiful mountainous country is full of crystal clear rivers, babbling brooks and turquoise lakes. The equal distribution of all four seasons creates an ever changing landscape.

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Major Events and Festivals


IOGA Annual Spring Roundup

Held in early April.

Clearwater Valley Hospital Annual Wine Tasting


All-American 4th of July

Held July 4th.

Orofino Show and Shine


Orofino Clearwater County Fair & Lumberjack Days

Held in mid-September. One of the greatest county fair celebrations around.   parades, burling, horse pulling, hot saw, speed pole climb, single buck, axe throwing, vertical chopping, tug of war, and Jack-Jill sawing are just a few of the activities. 


Clearwater Valley Hospital & Clinic's Harvest Moon Cruise

Held in early November.

Annual Christmas Festival and Tree Lighting

Held in mid-November.


Annual Patchwork Bazaar

Held in early December.








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Clearwater Fish Hatchery


Clearwater Historical Museum

See our collections that focus on the people and history of Clearwater River Country and its environs including Clearwater County and parts of Lewis, Nez Perce, Idaho and Shoshone counties

Our goal is to share the Clearwater River drainage rich legacy that started long before history was recorded. Our museum features artifacts relating to the Nez Perce People,  the Lewis and Clark Expedition,  gold mining, early homesteading,

farming, logging and much more. Displays and collections include over 4,500 historical photographs, Native American/Nez Perce Indian history and artifacts, gold mining history and tools, logging pictures, tools and history, Chinese artifacts, Orofino newspapers from 1899, pioneer homesteads, Dworshak Dam, antique guns, stamp mill, fine china, turn-of-the-century medicinal and barber tools and Helgeson Hotel memorabilia.

Dworshak Dam Visitors Center


Dworshak National Fish Hatchery
The Clearwater River has long been known for its large Steelhead Trout.  They return from the sea, with some weighing in at over 25 pounds.  There is also a run of Chinook Salmon that return late in the fall.  The Dworshak Fisheries Complex is responsible for the success of these runs.  The hatchery is well worth the visit. 208.476.4591

Dworshak Reservoir

A 53 mile long lake created by Dworshak Dam.  It is the largest straight axis dam in North America.

Nez Perce National Historic Park

Located about one mile from the junction of Highway 12 and 95 at Spalding.  Stop at the visitors center and orient youself to the park.  There is also a museum in the visitors center with Nez Perce exhibits and artifacts.


Bald Mountain Ski Area

Dworshak State Park


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