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In 1869, the name Superior was given to a settlement at the mouth of Cedar Creek, after the founders hometown of Superior, Wisconsin. The post office was established in 1871 with Silas R. Smith as postmaster. Superior is the county seat of Mineral County and is located along the Clark Fork River and the route of the old Mullan Trail. Mineral County is the site of one of the largest gold strikes that helped settle the West. In the 1860s and 70s, several thousand miners converged on Cedar Creek to earn their fortunes. Long after that strike played out, mining remained a mainstay of the economy. Mining, along with the development of logging and Forest Service activities contribute to the area's interesting history. This small town offers a break from interstate travel and an introduction to area history in the Mineral County Museum. Display subjects explore local history and industry, including John Mullan and the Mullan Road.

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Major Events and Festivals


Mineral County Fair & Rodeo

Held in early August. Mineral County provides an old-fashioned country fair with lots of cowboy spirit and homespun charm. There is no charge to enter the fairgrounds. Agricultural exhibits abound with locals displaying their talents, green thumbs, and individuality. 406.649.6400


Mineral County Museum

The Mineral County Museum, free to all, opened in 1977 in response to the nation's bicentennial. Featuring local history, including exhibits concerning the area's historic industries of mining, logging and forest service activities. It is also a repository of all local newspapers and many historical documents. In 1989 it expanded to become a resource center for Captain John Mullan and the Mullan Trail which runs the full length of Mineral Company All persons are welcome. Appointments are necessary for tours due to the lack of enough volunteers to staff the museum full time.




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